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10th and Center  Multimedia installation: 

Surveillance camera system and mixed media, waterfall diorama , ceramics, spinning satellite, woodspiral staircase, double headed mask, erected poles, round mirrors, assorted fabrics, mixed media, discomotor



Using the Catholic concept of limbo to parody the general malaise of postmodern spirituality, 10th and Center juxtaposes the sacred and the profane in an installation that examines the quintessential elements of our postmodern condition—the unapologetic cultural appropriation of traditional forms and rituals to create new objects and customs. With icons from world religions and references to a nature-filled paradise, the theme park reveals a false promised land existing within a liminal space that spans both pleasure and torture—a quasi-limbo suggesting dystopia rather than nirvana.

Installation view. Berkeley Art Museum.

24 hour surveillance system (fragment)

Fool's FALL (close up)
Fool's Fall (detaill)
Fool's fall (detail)
Monkey Flower
Fool's fall (pond)
Detail (ceramic hand)
The way is the way is the way
The way is the way is the way
10th and center
surveillance poles
surveillance poles
Installation close up
Installation close up
More Love. Less Hate. (close-up)
Live surveillance footage
Stairs to heaven (detail)
Phoebe and Friends
Installation view

06/27/2016 "10th and Center" 15 in x 20 in, Watercolor on paper

Installation  views and close-ups. Berkeley Art Museum.

The way is the way is the way (Nothing to do)Ceramic, wigs, artificial flowers, fake fur, glitter, latex, disco-ball motor, rattan, moss, spray paint, ornament, butterfly

The Fool's FALL, Ceramic, glitter, acrylic paint, Styrofoam, fake fur, plastic jewels, diorama trees, glitter, leather, soil from Jerusalem, water, latex, indigo-dyed fabric, rose quartz, butterfly, vine (Banisteriopsis caapi), boots

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