02_17_15 prd class
02_12_15 prd class
02_19_15 sben's bday
03_22_15 starbucks
03_22_15 shenzhen subway
03_22_15 dafen village
03_21_15 starbucks
03_12_15 places people and practice
03_10_15 class presentation
03_03_15 prd class
02_26_15 class maryann
03_23_15 handshake
03_24_15 starbucks
03_24_15 sztogz
03_24_15 xiazhou breakfast
03_25_15 hotel lobby
03_25_15 xiazhou cafe
03_27_15 xiaxhou village
03_28_15 dimsun
final presentation
04_20_15 classroom
04_16_15 prd classroom
03_28_15 guanzhou
03_28_15 guangzhou

Art+Village+City (2015)


Supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Art+Village+City was an interdisciplinary research studio taught by professors Margaret Crawford and Winnie Wong at the University of California, Berkeley. The studio investigated a wide range of urban art villages in the Pearl River Delta in China through onsite fieldwork, and culminated in a multimedia exhibition in both Berkeley and Shanghai.  I documented the scope of the project through an extensive series of watercolors, which became central to the project’s website, exhibition and catalogue.

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Things that feed my practice: Building ethnographies, time collapsing,scale shifting, memory through drawing and observation, surveillance, hyper reality, fairs, consumption, sites of devotion, fake promises, the past, seasons, birthdays, Christmas, altars, architecture, temples, mathematical systems, mascot costumes, bathhouses, thresholds, faith, belief, food, the Golden Gate Bridge, Disco Music, Folk sensibilities…



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