My work systematically chronicles my complex identity, with the goal of deconstructing basic epistemological categories that separate the aesthetic from the everyday, the sacred from the profane. I look at the repetitive gestures embedded in folklore, religion and ideology through various means of expression from painting, ceramics, photography, video and performance to interviews, collaborations, texts, relics and ready-mades. I position myself as a shaman who seeks to unveil the masks of history. My goal is to create transformative healing experiences for my viewers, surroundings, and former selves.


I’m interested in the role of objects in rooting one in time and place while also witnessing how colonization and imperialism have collapsed geography onto itself. Oswald de Andrade’s Cannibal Manifesto implies that making culture in a cannibal manner is intrinsically linked to the art of cartography. In these times of incestuous forms of transculturation, mapping is in special need of revision. My work provides this revision by articulating a queer atlas based around different and disassociated mythologies while reframing genealogies of my meta-history.


Notes, 9 x 12 in, 2014-2015, courtesy of the artist