02-19-15 lee crit
09-01-15 _Crit with Brody' copy
02-22-15 cca open studios
08-26-15 _Theory and Criticism_ copy
04-22-15 ceramic crit with erik scollon
09-21-15 Philip Ross
09-28-15 vito acconci
11-09-15 _It is the master who choose the diciple_
04-12-16 faculty club with allan
04-10-2016 performing with ADS
11-10-15 sharis crit
11-30-2015 johns lecture
12-01-2015 lucas crit
12-01-15 Jovis crit
12-02-2015 culture class
12-02-2015 symbolic analyst
01-28-16 _crit with allan_
02-18-2016 isaacs crit
02-11-16 its hot and its cold
02-11-2016 taks
02-03-16 complicated crit
03-03-2016 jins crit
04-21-2016 isaac julien

M.F.A Related Drawings

Watercolor on paper, Variable.

This category chronicles vignettes of my experience as a Grad Student for the Art Practice department at U.C Berkeley. From theory classes with Stephanie Syjuco and Allan De Souza to fellow-mate crits and departmental gatherings.

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Things that feed my practice: Building ethnographies, time collapsing,scale shifting, memory through drawing and observation, surveillance, hyper reality, fairs, consumption, sites of devotion, fake promises, the past, seasons, birthdays, Christmas, altars, architecture, temples, mathematical systems, mascot costumes, bathhouses, thresholds, faith, belief, food, the Golden Gate Bridge, Disco Music, Folk sensibilities…



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