10-08-2016 East Bay United_edited
10-08-2016 East Bay United
09-18-2016 shooting stars
03-25-2017 pleasant hill
09-17-2016 shooring stars
09-25-2016 roseville part 2
09-24-2016 shooting stars manteca
10-02-2016 pleasant hill shooting stars
03-11-2017 dampierre baseball
03-18-2017 los gatos II
09-21-2016 shooting stars los gatos

Shooting Stars (2016 )


"With over 250 clients in Northern & Southern California, Shooting Stars is the industry leader in youth sports photography. We’ve been working with sports leagues well over a decade and currently photograph over 150,000 players a year. Shooting Stars takes on the hard work of coordinating Photo Day, so that you can get back to your family and back to the game!"

Figueroa worked as a sport photographer for Shooting Star Productions in California, where while waiting for new teams he deconstructed his working environment via drawing.

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Things that feed my practice: Building ethnographies, time collapsing,scale shifting, memory through drawing and observation, surveillance, hyper reality, fairs, consumption, sites of devotion, fake promises, the past, seasons, birthdays, Christmas, altars, architecture, temples, mathematical systems, mascot costumes, bathhouses, thresholds, faith, belief, food, the Golden Gate Bridge...



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