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José Monet  installation: 


Thanks to the Terra Foundation, Figueroa lived in close proximity to Claude Monet’s estate for nine weeks: tracing his lineage to the Impressionist brand while connecting his practice to Japanese sensitivities. Drawing his surroundings on the daily, he studied Monet’s grave, gardens and house while chasing the painter’s subject matter in Etretat, Rouen and London. During this time, he produced a hundred of drawings, six paintings, an artist book, an array of souvenirs, and a collaborative documentary with French artist Rebecca Digne. He is currently working on producing an essay that compiles his experiences living on a site of perpetual self-reflection.

Compilation of drawings done in Monet's Pond, Watercolor on paper.

07-12-2017 monets dining room
Living in an impressionist painting
Jose Monet
Fondation Monet's Key
06-14-2017 father of impressionism 1
After baptizing

Mix-Memorabilia, Giverny, 2017.

""The Wedding March" " after Theodore Robinson . Image Courtesy of Bruno Le Hir de Fallois.

For more drawings See: Terra Summer Residency 

Maison Butler
The Banjo Lesson
Jose Monet
Installation view
07/02/2017 "Rouen's Cathedral"
Studio Visits
The Wedding March (after Theodore R)
Installation View
Installation View
Installation View
Installation View
Installation View
Hotel Baudy

Installation view. Butler House Giverny France. Photos courtesy of Bruno Le Hir de Fallois and Terra foundation.

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