06-06-2017 giverny quite artificial environment
06-07-2017 le hervieux au giverny
06-08-2017 giverny jose monet
06-09-2017 thank you mr impressionist monet
06-09-2017 mansuy giverny
06-10-2017 monets neighbor terra giverny
06-12-2017 terra presentation
06-12-2017 terra presentation day
06-13-2017 ecocritical dictionary
06-13-2017 Simon faithfull
06-14-2017 father of impressionism
06-13-2017 monets pond
06-15-2017 monets letters
06-16-2017 trocadero paris
06-16-2016 dioramas _ palais tokyo
06-16-2017 galerie des impressionists
06-16-2017 origines du impressionism
06-16-2017 rouen 519
06-17-2017 Autour de claude monet
06-17-2017 Nympheas
06-17-2017 die brucke
06-18-2017 Hervieux cuisine
06-17-2017 kings mansuiy
06-19-2017 no coffee
06-19-2017 chez george
06-20-2017 arbol de la esperanza monet
06-20-2017 alessandros bday
06-20-2017 disco polo
06-21-2017 summer lake
06-22-2017 manouvers towards the world
06-22-2017 the mirror itself
06-23-2017 simon faithfull studio visit
06-23-2017 paris
06-24-2017 inside a woody allen movie
06-23-2017 one more beer
06-24-2017 paris pride
06-25-2017 krishna bharvan
06-26-2017 alan braddock studio visit
06-26-2017 this is great britain
06-27-2017 chams elysees
06-28-2017 la maison butler small
06-29-2017 bords de seine
07-02-2017 vernon to rouen
06-30-2017 john davis studio visit
07-02-2017 la couronne 1345
07-02-2017 rouens cathedral
07-04-2017 happy fourth of july at mansuy
07-06-2017 one quarter of monets gift show nympheas
07-09-2017 u le havre
07-08-2017 etretat copy
07-09-2017 mosque du paris
07-08-2017 from the bench
07-09-2017 l'orangerie 2
07-09-2017 l'orangerie 1
07-10-2017 Vernon to giverny
07-10-2017 coco fusco
07-11-2017 tanya sheehan
07-11-2017 this world
07-12-2017 arnauld pierre
07-12-2017 monets dining room
07-13-2017 coco fusco copy
07-15-2017 american bar
07-17-2017 tate modern kingdom
07-17-2017 art in the ge of black power tate kingdom
07-17-2017 mark rothko tate london
07-18-2017 nympheas tout seul
07-18-2017 dragonfly
07-18-2017 you need to be more satyrical
07-19-2017 coco cooked
07-19-2017 coco fusco studio visit
07-21-2017 its an artist residency copy
07-22-2017 orsai
07-22-2017 le train de limpressionism
07-22-2017 pit stop
07-27-2017 terra final presentation

Terra Summer Residency​ in Giverny, France

Founded in 2001, the Terra Summer Residency brings together doctoral scholars of American Art and emerging artists worldwide for a nine-week residential program in the historic village of Giverny, France.  The program encourages independent work while providing seminars and mentoring by senior scholars and artists to foster reflection and debate. The Terra Summer Residency provides an opportunity for participants to widen their academic and creative horizons, explore international cultural perspectives, and forge lifelong exchanges and professional networks.

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Things that feed my practice: Building ethnographies, time collapsing,scale shifting, memory through drawing and observation, surveillance, hyper reality, fairs, consumption, sites of devotion, fake promises, the past, seasons, birthdays, Christmas, altars, architecture, temples, mathematical systems, mascot costumes, bathhouses, thresholds, faith, belief, food, the Golden Gate Bridge, Disco Music, Folk sensibilities…



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