JoseFigueroa_Mural_2020_11 copy.jpg

HELLO, CAUTION FOR CHILDREN (mural about Black Power in Oakland) 

(45ft x 6ft)

Neighborhood mural in West Oakland, California




During Covid 19 (summer 2020), I created my first public mural: HELLO, CAUTION FOR CHILDREN, a 7-panel painting depicting radical black queer resistance throughout modern history commissioned by neighbors in the intersection of Dr. Huey P. Newton Way and Center Street in Oakland, CA. I undertook this challenge diligently and intuitively inviting frequent inspection by those being depicted: digesting neighbors' and passersby’s feedback while learning a complicated history outside of my own. The mural starts with the collision of the Black Panthers Party in 1966 depicting the 10 point program, the free food program, and the women of the party. The mural also reference images of events including the Stonewall Riots,  the Million Man March, and socially distanced protests incited after the killing of George Floyd; centering valuable contributions of black trans lives on the path towards liberation. The journey ends in an imagined future, where the Pointers Sisters -who grew up in the neighborhood, precede a ball which category is self-empowered joy.