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José Joaquin Figueroa for Strut:  #LGBTQ related drawings

jose joaquin figueroa for strut

Jose Joaquin Figueroa for Strut, Map. 



Dates:  01/29/2018 – 02/26/2018

Strut. 470 Castro St San Francisco, CA.


The body of work presented for this show at Strut is a compilation of drawings pulled from categories from my drawing archive focused on LGBTQ spaces. Produced in a scope last four years this chronology includes vignettes from places like Groundswell, Marshall Beach and the Castro and images from events like Transgender day of remembrance, pride, and the day after the pulse tragedy.  On the side, a medium-scale painting made from memory depicts the labyrinth-type landscape of an L.A sex club. By assembling this visual journal, I’m invested in creating first source documents of gay life and culture without

biases or reservations.

Drawing Archive #LGBTQ Related drawings

Cosmology containing 85 drawings done in queer spaces following ethnographic methodologies (2014-2018). 35 ft wall.

“Slammer” 2015, Mixed-media drawing on paper, 36 x 42 in 

01-19-16 paris is burning
05-01-15 nap
04-29-2016 the pond we meet again
05-20-15 Cigarrete Break and Dancing Power House
 11-19-2015 _Bulge with grace_


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