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07-17-2016 marshall beach again
07-17-2016 marshall beach
09-06-15 _Marshall Beach Orgy_
09-18-15 _The Girl from Ipanema_
09-18-15 _More Nuts_
09-18-15 _Marshalls beach for Saulo_
09-18-15 _Asshole tanner_
09-19-15 Marshalls beach
03-19-15_Marshalls beach -I got this on Goa_
09-19-2015 _Marshalls again_
02-15-16 thats what a diva would say
02-15-16 kwan
02-15-16 academia
02-15-16 rose

Marshall Beach in San Francisco, California

Watercolor on paper, Variable.

"Marshall Beach is a long narrow secluded beach that stretches from the Golden Gate Bridge south to North Baker Beach. Because of the seclusion below steep cliffs it is one of the best-known clothing-optional beaches in San Francisco. Marshall’s is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Swimming is not safe here due to cold temps and rip currents. Even if this type of beach isn’t your cup of tea, it is worth stopping at the overlook for the views of the bridge and the Marin Headlands and to explore the several military structures nearby"

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