STUCK IN WONDER OUT FOREVER TRYING Immersive exhibition (2014)

"On April Fool's Day, 2014, Jessica Robbins and José Figueroa opened a show in an East Village, NYC gallery entitled Stuck In Wonder Out Forever Trying. A line of eager viewers snaked from outside the space into a wonderland maze filled with tchotskes, performers, nooks, and edible delights. The duo sprinkled their video, leather, ceramic, photographic, and installation art pieces among found objects and household accoutrements. At the end of the entire exhibition was a large room replete with balloons, champagne, stuffed animals, costumes, and a whole roasted pork – belly-up – just waiting to be eaten. The whole show relied on queer kitsch, typical to entertain and challenge the onlookers, who were at once patrons of the arts, rather separate from the process of its creation, and yet integral to the manifestation of the happening, as it were. In the last room people gathered, mingled, ate, drank, danced, laughed, and created an ephemeral community based on their active participation in the show, even if that just meant making it through to the end. It was a strange commingling of characters with an overwhelming affect of joy, perhaps ecstasy that pervaded the scene."


Exhibition Shots. 41 Cooper Square,  New York.

Installation View

STUCK IN WONDER OUT FOREVER TRYING. Sketch from memory 04/01/14

Exhibition posters 2014

 EOYS 2014.  The Cooper Union  7 East 7th street,  New York. Curated by José Joaquin Figueroa + Jessica Robbins

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