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"There is no notion or representation of death in the unconscious"(Milk Virgin)


Left: Milk kiddy pool performance, shower curtain installation part of STUCK IN WONDER OUT FOREVER TRYING: a multiple room show in collaboration with Jessica Robbins.

Right: 12in x 12 in x 12 in.  hand made ceramic relic.


From the performer (Jorge Clar):


On the morning of José and Jessica's opening at Cooper Union, I suddenly felt a little overwhelmed about what I was going to do, but then quieted down by thinking of the idea of holding a sense of center. I felt comforted by the gesture of having had a room built for me, where I could have a private moment in public. Milk is my favorite beverage, once I've loved since I was a child, and how fun I thought to be sitting in a milky pool. I arrived early and took my clothes off, putting them on a customized shower rack. Nearby was a poem I had written in gesso on a unicorn fabric. The room was beautiful, collaged walls in bright patterns turning into tropical tapestry. There were objects that felt like offerings nearby. I stepped into the pool and the milky water was cold; so I stood in the middle and got adjusted to the temperature. I walked around in circles, near the perimeter to keep warm, the outside world diffused by a  clear plastic shower curtain. I felt like I was in a spaceship flying through space, tranquil and cozy. People beyond the curtain took pictures as in a dream; and I felt protected and reborn in my body.

"There is no notion or representation of ------ death in the unconscious"

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