Yet Another Wonderland  Multimedia installation (2013)

Yet Another Wonderland (2013) is a four-channel video installation built through the scope of the metaphysical space, “Heaven”. Mascot costumes inspired by South American, Native and Indian mythologies; hyperreal landscapes; interviews with a priest, a shamanism professor, an art curator and my therapist; and trance-inducing music mash up in this series as an attempt to create a fictional theme park that explodes basic epistemological categories that separate the aesthetic from the everyday, the sacred from the profane.

Exhibition Poster. 11 in x 17 in  

Display tables
Yare Devil drag
Gift store
T-shirts close up
Installation view
Exhibition view
Costume #3
Costume #2
Costume #4
Installation view
Gate keepers Waterfall
Installation view
Costume #1
Installation view

Exhibition Gallery. 7 East 7th street,  New York.

Costume #1. 7:53 video in collaboration with my therapist Diane Nadler

Left: Exhibition sketch. 11x 14 in watercolor paper Right: Costume fittings. Polaroid  tests

Costume #3 Video still gif

Commodifying the sacred, 48 in x 36 in archival print.


Holy Cards (souvenirs) / Recuerditos

Costume #4. 6:16 video in collaboration with Gabriela Rangel.

Yet Another Wonderland posters in West Oakland. 36 in x 24 in. 

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Things that feed my practice: Building ethnographies, time collapsing,scale shifting, memory through drawing and observation, surveillance, hyper reality, fairs, consumption, sites of devotion, fake promises, the past, seasons, birthdays, Christmas, altars, architecture, temples, mathematical systems, mascot costumes, bathhouses, thresholds, faith, belief, food, the Golden Gate Bridge...



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